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Click here for... Continuing Education and Training Workshops for Professionals

Christian Counselling Academy offers continuing education, training and equipping in very specialized areas of Christian CARE for counsellors, leaders, teachers, mentors, pastors, coaches, group facilitators, healthcare providers, and others.  Christian CARE education and training is in a variety of areas in:  Counselling, Disease/Mental Health/Addiction/Eating Disorders/Personality Disorders/Emotional Disorders/Sexual Health and many, many others. 

To be added to our email list of workshops and training opportunities, email us at info@christiancounsellingacademy.com and ask to be added to our Continuing Education workshop list.  Our workshops are either 1/2 day or full day trainings; each workshop has a minimum of 3 dates for you to choose from, and to try and coordinate with other workshops either in the same day, same weekend, etc.  Coordinated workshops are color-coded to make it easier to book.

Employers, churches, schools, community organizations, healthcare clinics etc: to book a workshop on-site at your location for your staff, volunteers, employees, choose from one of our pre-made packages of mini-workshops or customize from the topics below and we can do full day, full weekend, and full week workshops with a full variety of teachings.  Contact us for more information: email us at info@christiancounsellingacademy.com or telephone us at 250-718-8856.

Okanagan Christian Counselling adheres to both Canadian and American safe, fair and confidential "Professional Christian Counselling Practices".

We provide our clients with emotional, spiritual and psychological safety and confidentiality.

We believe in God as Father, Christ as the resurrected and risen King, and Holy Spirit as the spirit of God living within us.  Our counselling reflects this, and we believe and teach that the Lord wants to heal each of us at the very root of our hurts, pains and traumas in order to overcome negative and hurtful behaviors, relationships, addictions, etc. and bear GOOD FRUIT for  the Glory of God. 


All Glory to God for all that He does in each of our lives. 


Continuing Education and Training Workshops for Professionals
Individual Continuing Education Workshops
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Christian Counselling Academy
Christian Counselling training and internship to help you serve God in changing the world.
e: info@christiancounsellingacademy.com

Telephone:  250-718-8856

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